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Are you looking for corporate volunteering opportunities?
Communiteer will help you meet your corporate volunteering targets, or help build a volunteering program in your company.

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Want to give back?
Communiteer connects you to not for profits that need your skills. It is completely flexible: you can contribute when you want, from where you want, for causes that you really believe in.

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Not for profits

Looking for volunteers with specific skills?
Communiteer can connect you with skilled volunteers to help you with a variety of tasks and projects. Who really believe in the cause that you support.

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It's all about creating social impact

Communiteer's online platform enables not for profit organisations and social ventures to collaborate with skilled volunteers in order to achieve positive social outcomes.

Our online platform is a virtual collaboration space that goes well beyond just matching volunteers with community organisations. Unlike other productivity platforms, our systems cater specifically to bringing out the best from volunteers who are driven by their causes and values.

We've adopted a project-based approach to skill-based volunteering. We work closely with community organisations to identify their needs and transform them into projects, which are broken down into bite-size tasks that can be tackled by small teams of volunteers.

Our technology empowers volunteers to connect with community organisations that align with their values, to collaborate with other volunteers to support a common cause, and to contribute back to the community by achieving measurable social impact.

How it works

Volunteering has never been as easy!

Step 1: Get set up

Pick your skills and causes you would like to support

When you sign up to the platform, you will be asked to choose your skills and the causes that you would like to support. These can be updated at any time.

Step 2: Find a project

Be shown projects that support that cause, that need your particular skills

The system will automatically show you organisations that are working towards the causes that you support, and based on your chosen skills, will show you projects that need your skills.

Step 3: Join a project

When you find a project that you want to support, it's easy to get involved

You can view the project details of all projects on the platform. When you find a project that suits you, join the project to participate. By joining you're agreeing to volunteer for the organisaiton.

Step 4: Complete the project

Contribute to the project with a representative from the organisation and other volunteers

The representative from the organisation will collaborate with you and the other volunteers to complete the project on the platform. They are there to ensure that you have all the information you need to complete the project.

The Sustainable Development Goals

17 goals to transform our world

Communiteer aligns all organisations, programs and projects to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, so that you know exactly what your efforts are supporting.

All contributions are measured and mapped back to the Sustainable Development Goals. So you can see the impact that has been made against each of the 17 goals.

“On September 25th 2015, countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years. For the goals to be reached, everyone needs to do their part: governments, the private sector, civil society and people like you.”
- The United Nations


What makes Communiteer different?

Communiteer seeks to turn technology into a force for good by facilitating social impact through virtual volunteering, and helping skilled volunteers contribute to good causes via our online platform.


We make it more accessible for community organisations to find the talent and experience of skilled volunteers.


We make it more flexible for volunteers to contribute by using a project based approach whereby people can connect, communicate and contribute, whenever they have time and wherever they may be.


We ensure that all contributions are measurable by aligning all activities to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Our solution is scalable. We use technology to streamline administration processes and integrate compliance and reporting requirements for corporates and community organisations.

Our supporters and partners

At Communiteer, we're strong believers in long-term partnerships and cross-sector collaboration.
We form partnerships with like-minded organisations that have a complimentary offering to ours so that we can facilitate even greater social impact.

Volunteering Australia


Centre for Volunteering


Adaptive Leadership Australia


Start Some Good


Australia Post


Young Change Agents



“Many thanks for the team who came together to help solve Mental Health issues through My Team. It was good to chat through some great questions and thoughts, I am excited yet humbled by the interest and skills Atlassian can bring to this important project. We're looking forward to building a great solution with you, that ultimately helps the most vulnerable in our communities. ”

Red Cross Australia

“Volunteering Australia was pleased to work with Victor, Vincent and the team at Communiteer recently. We were very impressed with the professionalism and high quality project management provided by Communiteer. The team was friendly, approachable and guided us through the entire project. We would highly recommend Communiteer to anyone that would like to experience project based virtual volunteering.”

Volunteering Australia

“I think it was a great event and volunteers could pick a cause most relevant to their interests. It was good how you kept us on track – so a moderator is a must! ”

The Shepherd Centre